About UMG

UMG Gaming is a division of UMG Events LLC., provides LAN events throughout North America. UMG Gaming was formed in order to provide gamers a source for competitive events in North America that are like no other. It has since grown and expanded beyond the gaming scene to offer different services for corporate clients and all types of parties and events. Events are thrown by gamers, for gamers to provide the best experience for all viewers and attendees. All events are SAME DAY payouts, and gives all participants a chance at recognition in the competitive scene. We stand by our motto, "Quality, not Quantity!" and we hope you support us in making this adventure successful for all involved!


Jeffrey Covington / Jeff@UMGGaming.com / @JeffCovington_

Jeff is the CEO of UMG Events LLC, which was established in the end of 2011. He gives UMG its direction by setting the strategy and giving the company its vision. As the CEO he overseas the daily operations and is always working to give accurate and up to date information to the board. Working as the liason between UMG and the community, always making sure each event is coordinated with the gamer in mind. He is always working to establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with other companies in the community.


He is a father, gamer, and entrepreneur. Occasionally he saves humanity from near earth collisions.

Steve Middleton / Steve@UMGGaming.com

Steve is a behind the scenes partner at UMG Events LLC, and keeps us on track. You will rarely see or hear from him, but he is the king of this organization. As the President he is responsible for the development and management of the annual operating and capital budgets. Everything that he does for UMG gives it a clear vision for its future.

Robert / Robert@UMGGaming.com / @UMG_Shiner

Robert is the Senior Vice President of UMG Events, LLC. He came on board as a partner at the beginning of the summer of 2013. Robert is the guy to go to when it concerns the events, hotels, venues or website management. Robert has had entrepreneurial blood running through his veins since he can remember and is a vital member of our team. 


He has been around the world a few times and has been known to have a better shot than Jeff. 

Raymond / Raymond@UMGGaming.com / @UMG_BrknShooter

Raymond is the Vice President of UMG Events, LLC. He just recently became a part of UMG in late 2013 and is excited to help propel the company into its promising future. Ray works closely with Robert, Jeff and Steve in all aspects of the company in order to help complete any task at hand. 


Raymond has been around the world twice and has also been known to be a better shot than Jeff. He has however, been told he needs to watch where he steps from time to time because there are no respawns in real life.

Bryan Campbell / Bryan@UMGGaming.com / @iPr0Ph3t

Bryan is the guy to go to when it comes to running our brackets for events for UMG Events, LLC. He has been involved with competitive esports since 2007 and has worked with numerous companies and organizations along the way.


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